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Aldbury International launch innovative Operational Resilience Scorecard with CoBOS Technology

With an increasing number of high impact events affecting organisations, we’ve joined forces with leading tech company, CoBOS Technology, to produce an engaging and insightful Operational Resilience Scorecard, designed to empower organisations to implement the regulatory framework and achieve and maintain operational resilience.

Industry leading scorecard

Our experts have designed a unique Operational Resilience Scorecard in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s and Prudential Regulation Authority’s policy statements.

The scorecard feeds into a CoBOS Technology-powered dashboard that enables firms to monitor the progress made in implementing the regulatory framework. Clearly demonstrating your journey towards becoming operationally resilient will be key to your clients and investors, and will drive competitive advantage.

Accurately measure progress

The process commences with the Aldbury International team generating an independent baseline assessment of your Operational Resilience programme. We evaluate, score and weight all aspects using a bespoke maturity scoring metric.

The result enables you to track real incidents, test scenarios and investigate adverse trends, by providing a continuous performance measurement from an accurate baseline assessment, as well as a benchmark comparison with a peer group, so you can accurately measure your organisation’s progress against industry norms and best practice.

Easy to use dashboard

The CoBOS Technology designed and powered OpRes Scorecard is an engaging and easy-to-use dashboard. It allows businesses to assess their progress against their own OpRes baseline, track delivery of their agreed action plan, monitor critical incidents and identify key sources of risk.

Clear insights

The clear reporting demonstrates to internal and external stakeholders, alongside regulators, that the organisation is meeting its compliance obligations and provides great insight into operational performance, to ensure organisations remain robust under severe scenarios.

If you would like to arrange a demo of our scorecard system, please contact our experienced team on 0203 475 2953 or email


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