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Case Study: Strategic roadmap to 2025 compliance


The COO sought external assurance and validation regarding the firm's Operational Resilience programme, aiming to ensure alignment with the March 2025 deadline.

These findings were to be presented at the upcoming board meeting with the aim of securing future funding for this ongoing project.


Engaging Aldbury International’s 2-day service proved crucial in this endeavour. Their role encompassed validating existing practices and processes, benchmarking progress against industry standards and peer group, addressing identified gaps, and providing external assurance of progress.

Key Objectives:

  1. Assess the current progress against the existing regulatory benchmarks.

  2. Identify significant gaps in the current approach.

  3. Evaluate the areas that deviate significantly from industry peers.

  4. Offer external validation to facilitate board approval.

This thorough process was executed promptly, meeting the agreed-upon deadlines and giving the company the opportunity to adopt industry best practices well ahead of the mandated deadline.


With the support of Aldbury International, the board swiftly and enthusiastically endorsed the COO's initiatives. As a result, they approved the firm's Operational Resilience strategy, recognising its broader strategic implications ahead of the March 2025 deadline.

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