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Catalonia – in preparation for a crisis…think the unthinkable

The photos of the disputed Catalonia referendum dramatically illustrate how law and order in Western Europe relies on one thing – the principle of consent. Take this away and the normal rules of the game no longer apply and nothing can be taken for granted.

We are already working with clients in Iberia, developing and running scenarios to test their existing crisis plans, making sure they are robust enough to work in the nightmare scenario of a violent push for independence.

Fortunately, there is still time for cool heads to counsel compromise that will allow for a more autonomous Catalonian identity to be acknowledged and recognised. However, once the scent of political change is in the air, nothing should be taken for granted.

Aldbury International can’t predict the future but we can help your organisation prepare for the worst by reviewing your current crisis plans and running rehearsals for your crisis leaders.

Don’t wait for the crisis to break to see if your capability is robust. Get in touch with us today.


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