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Operational resilience and risk management experts now in high demand

An article was released recently (10th March 2022) by the BBC about how businesses and other organisations are seeking risk management experts to help plan for, and cope with, the impact of a crisis.

The Coronavirus pandemic sadly revealed that too many firms did not have contingency plans in place for how they would best deal with such an event, and now with the conflict in Ukraine damaging the world economy, this service is even more sought after.

We are experts in operational resilience and crisis management testing

All firms need to have back-up or disaster recovery plans in place.

For example, if the third party you engage to manage your IT platforms and databases gets hit by a sophisticated ransomware attack demanding $150million for the decryption key, what would you do? Have you run an integrated crisis simulation with them to find out? How long can you survive without access to these core systems before you cause your clients intolerable harm?

Aldbury International will ensure your firm can survive the next major crisis. We will prepare you for the worst, and even simulate real-life scenarios to see how your firm will respond.

If you are a financial services firm

There are a series of compliance measures that need to be in place by 31st March 2022 to ensure you are operationally resilient. You can find out more here.

Speak to us – specialists in risk management

If your firm is not adequately equipped to deal with a crisis, please give us a call on 0203 475 2953.


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