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T+1= Golden Hour now measured in minutes?

Whether you survive a Black Swan event, comes down to timing. If you have experienced a real “hyper critical” event side swipe your organisation, you will know there is a small window when you can get in front of events. This is often called the Golden Hour.

The news on T+1 means the Golden Hour just got shorter, a lot shorter.


So, although T+1 will naturally focus people’s minds on how to alter operational plans, and it is important to also understand the impacts to all designs related to infrastructure downtime, RTO/RPO timelines, and business continuity plans in order to mitigate the risks and challenges that lay ahead during T+1 adopt, the reality is that the odds on your firm’s survival rate, in the medium term, just got shorter, a lot shorter.


Why? Because 2025 will be characterised by extreme volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, which you can’t control. What you can control, is how well you use the Golden Hour to get ahead of your competitors and survive.  

So, for the 50% of respondents who indicated they do not have the headcount and/or staff time to implement realistic resiliency policies… you need help, urgent help. Aldbury International can help. Call now on 0203 475 2953 or email


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